How to use Suppressor Shield

Suppressor Unattached

Cover exit port of suppressor. Apply applicator tip to entry port and squeeze for 1-3 seconds. Cover both ports and shake suppressor for 15-20 seconds. Uncover, then pour out any excess solution. Follow all manufacturer’s instructions for installing and using your suppressor.

Suppressor Attached

Insure action is open, unloaded and clear. With the suppressor muzzle downwards in a safe direction, apply Suppressor Shield down the barrel from the action using the applicator tip. Squeeze bottle 1-3 seconds as needed. Allow excess solution to exit muzzle. You are now ready to load and fire.

Suppressor Shield's Patent Pending Nano-Ceramic Lubricant is the only lubricant, cleaner and protector developed specifically to handle the extreme conditions inside your suppressor.

Our ceramic based lubricant repels dust and dirt while not 'gumming up' over time. This Nano-Ceramic barrier protects surfaces and blocks carbon buildup, allowing you to easily wipe off most surface contaminants.

Stop scrubbing and using harsh chemicals on your expensive surfaces, Suppressor Shield does the work for you while you shoot. Once applied, our formula uses the heat and pressure of shooting to clean and break up carbon deposits. Build up is expelled through the muzzle end, lowering deposits on both sealed and serviceable suppressors. The Nano-Ceramic layer left behind also repels future carbon deposits. Keep your systems working reliably even in the dirtiest and most demanding of suppressor platforms.

Many additional benefits include:

  • Penetrates deeply and prevents carbon lock on threads and adapters.
  • Easier removal of Quick Disconnectors, end caps and baffles.
  • Protects threads from premature wear and damage.
  • Cleans and lubricates gas block, pistons, tubes and Nielson devices.
  • Continues to protect and lubricate surfaces above 1200° F
  • Safe for use on all gun finishes, including carbon fiber and other exotics.

What does Suppressor Shield do?

Top Shot Dustin

See the full video on youtube.

Watch Top Shot Dustin use Suppressor Shield on his IA SC9K to incredible results.

Ceramic Shield

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Primal Defense Co.

Nano Ceramic Lube and Protectant. 1 year later.

Primal Defense Co. reviews suppsol after 1 year in storage.

Just a bit Outside productions

Marlin 1895 45/70 first look

New Set completed

SuppSol video series coming soon!

Construction on our new set is finally complete and shooting has begun.
Thanks to Spartan Mounts for the awesome mounting solutions.

Stay tuned for our complete video series. We showcase how to use Ceramic Shield to maintain various firearms, as well as the many uses our clients have found to solve issues and improve function through the use of Ceramic Shield.

From guns and knives, to optics and lights, Ceramic Shield adds a nano-ceramic barrier to protect your investments.

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To solve problems shooting suppressed, from carbon lockup to blowback induced fouling and jams, we tested the latest technologies. Years of development have led us to an entirely new way to quiet, lubricate, clean and protect all Firearms and Suppressors.

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