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Ceramic Shield contains our Patent Pending Nano-Ceramic Lubricant. This is the only lubricant, cleaner and protector specifically designed to handle the most extreme conditions your guns will face, including suppressors.

Benefit Highlights of Ceramic Shield:


  • Works while you shoot
  • Penetrating bond that lasts
  • Extremely high lubricity
  • Continues to protect & lubricate above 1200 F
  • Prevents carbon lock issues, adds thread protection
  • Ceramic barrier for easy wipe off cleaning
  • Repels particulates, lowers wear
  • Reduces friction, smoother action, increased reliability
  • Safe on all gun finishes including carbon fiber & exotics
  • Hydrophobic rust prevention
  • PH neutral
  • Can also be used on suppressors and many other uses


How does Ceramic Shield work?

Ceramic shield repels dust and dirt while not 'gumming up' over time. This Nano-Ceramic barrier protects surfaces and blocks carbon buildup, allowing you to easily wipe off most surface contaminants.

Stop scrubbing and using harsh chemicals on your expensive surfaces, Ceramic Shield does the work for you while you shoot. Once applied, our formula uses the heat and pressure from shooting to clean and break up carbon deposits. Most build up is then expelled through the action and muzzle ends. The Nano-Ceramic layer left behind continues to repel future carbon deposits. This saves your time with less cleanup after those long range days.

Our Nano-Ceramic layer technology is derived from what is found in Quartz; also known as SiO₂. This compound creates an intense bond with itself in order to form an extremely hard and thin surface that has very low surface friction and can withstand heat in excess of 1200 F. This sacrificial layer will protect it's bonded surface, reducing wear and build up.

Keep your systems working reliably in the dirtiest and most demanding of situations by protecting with Nano-Ceramics.

Lubricate Clean and Protect all firearms with Suppressor Shield

Stay Lubricated

Ceramic shield is the latest technology designed to Lubricate, Clean and Protect all firearms while shooting.

1. Action - Deeply penetrates to reduce friction and increase reliability. Smoother cycling and easier wipedown.

2. Gas Systems - Pressure activated formula reduces build up to service and preserve all gas systems.

3. Trigger Group - Protects, cleans and lubricates your trigger system without disassembly.

4. Magazine and Feed - Lubricates and cleans magazine and components to lower FTF issues.


How To Use Ceramic Shield

Ceramic Shield gun cleaning and lube Ceramic Shield wet suppressor wet treatment method Ceramic Shield barrel treatment gun lube and protectant

Ceramic Shield knife coating

General Use

  • Shake bottle before use
  • Firearm pointed in safe direction, action open, unloaded and clear
  • Bottle upright 4-5 inches away from desired surface
  • Apply light even coat and allow to set for 1-2 minutes
  • Wipe off any excess and you're done.

Wet Method

  • Same as general method above but allow excess to remain.
  • Excess will work through firearm as you shoot, increasing the cleaning and lubricating process.

Barrel Treatment

  • Same process as you would when using a conventional gun lubricant either directly spraying into barrel or onto patches.
  • Simply allow Ceramic Shield to set for 1-2 minutes after application before running your final dry patch process.

Other Uses

  • Knives, tactical light lenses, optics, Chainsaw blades/chains, drill bits, tools, locks, hinges, etc...
  • Metals and plastics that experience friction or very dirty environments will benefit from being coated by Ceramic Shield

About Us

To solve problems shooting suppressed, from carbon lockup to blowback induced fouling and jams, we tested the latest technologies. Years of development have led us to an entirely new way to quiet, lubricate, clean and protect all Firearms and Suppressors.

All our products are made in Texas and backed by Texas pride and tradition.

Please contact us with any questions and we can showcase our famous hospitality.



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